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How do I send as my subdomain account in web-based bMail?

Subdomain accounts are migrated separately from regular bMail accounts. After the migration, subdomain accounts will be merged with regular bMail accounts and become aliases. Users will be able to send and receive emails from either their address or the subdomain address.

How do I send from my subdomain email address?

1) Sign into bMail at:

2) Click the red COMPOSE button

3) In the From list, select your subdomain email address

4) Type and send your email

How do I make my subdomain my default "send from" address?

1) Click the gear icon in the top-right corner in bMail

2) Click on Settings

3) Click on the Accounts tab

4) Locate the Send mail as: section 

5) Click make default text to the right of your subdomain email address

6) Below, where it says When replying to a message: you have the option of keeping the subdomain as the default reply as address, or changing it to reply from the same address the message was sent to.

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